Welcome to Ambrosia Crossing! We are a family owned and operated business, whose inception comes from a lifelong enjoyment of travel and gardening. We then combined those things with a desire to glorify God through our work.

After learning about the purity of Celtic Christianity we planned a trip to Ireland to visit the land of saints and scholars in person. We were interested in the Celts’ commitment to family and community, and their appreciation for the beauty of nature.  The  watchtower on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland, pictured above, was the inspiration for the tower at Ambrosia Crossing.  

The  watchtower on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland, was the inspiration for the tower at Ambrosia Crossing.

We want your guests to be delighted at every turn! Our aim is to make your experience one to be remembered for a lifetime.

Once we returned we began planning and designing what has become our tower. We had already begun construction on the renovations to the reception hall, converting from a horse barn into the structure you see today.

Our beautiful grounds landscaping has taken years to cultivate. When we sold our home in Katy, we lost the gardens that our family had been perfecting for years. We immediately began work on the grounds that have become the area around the venue. If you love gardens then you will definitely want to come and tour our facilities.

If you would like additional information or the request pricing or book a tour please complete the request form on out Pricing Page.